12 October 2017Analysis

Robus Group brings on Guernsey risk consultant

Robus Group, an independent captive insurance management advisory group, has appointed David Riley as a risk consultant.

Riley has 24 years of experience in the Guernsey insurance industry, having most recently worked on a longevity swap transaction that involved eight sets of lawyers, using an incorporated cell approach. He has expertise in captive insurance companies and insurance-liked securitisation.

In this role he will lead on the setting up of the first fully independent longevity swap incorporated cell company (ICC) for the business.

“Guernsey is a domicile of choice for such complex insurance transactions, seen as conveniently accessible from the UK and with a mature community of advisers and lawyers,” Riley said.

“We have the right expertise, the right location and significant momentum. Robus will have the ability to offer pension schemes the opportunity to use ICCs to carry out longevity swaps as effectively and efficiently as possible in a simplified format.”