20 February 2023Analysis

VCIA focuses on year ahead

Staff of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) have met for their monthly in-person staff gathering to look ahead at this year’s annual conference in August.

It was the first time that the staff had met in-person with new hires Ella Stevens, bookkeeper/administrator, and Jocelyn Lamb, accounting manager, who were both hired in January.

In a statement on the VCIA’s blogspot, it said: “Since VCIA went fully remote at the end of 2022, we’ve made sure to plan in-person staff gatherings at least once a month in order to build staff chemistry and develop those intangibles that are crucial for a close-knit small staff.

This February meeting was all about gearing up for our busy season, when conference registration comes onto the horizon. 87 days until you can register for #VCIA2023, and 171 until the first day of the conference!

“No other captive domicile or captive association can claim such a robust and effective staff force meeting the needs of its members and expanding its reach. It’s why VCIA is ready to hit full stride as we hit spring (just 31 days!) and gear up for conference preparation and promotion.”