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Cayman analysis
Captive International publishes the latest edition of Cayman Focus incorporating the 2022 Captive International Cayman Awards, just before the opening of the Cayman Captive Forum.   28 November 2022
Asset management analysis
Products and services that can be legally bought and profitably sold will be, no matter how much someone disapproves of them, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.   23 November 2022
Donny Tong of Truist explains what could be on the horizon as the hard market continues to offer opportunities.   16 November 2022
Captive insurance companies (and all investors for that matter) are looking for signs that the market has “bottomed”, so that we all know it is safe to go back into the markets. Jack Meskunas of Oppenheimer & Co unpacks the evidence.   10 November 2022
Accounting & tax analysis
In Guernsey, the insurance market has been a traditional offering with services including standby letters of credit, account opening services and deposit/notice accounts. However, as technology advances, so does business demand for further flexibility and updated product offerings.   3 November 2022
Andy Jeckells, co-CEO of I-RE describes RE-PAID, his company’s new insurance offering for what has become a difficult US property market.   1 November 2022
Social inflation arrived on the insurance scene in 2017 and is not going away. Captive International reports on a growing issue for insurers.   1 November 2022
It is difficult to overstate the importance of loss development factors and their impact on aspects of retained risk, whether through traditional insurance policies or captive structures, say Enoch Starnes and L. Michelle Bradley of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group.   31 October 2022
Jackie Obusek and Lori Gorman of the North Carolina Department of Insurance provide a detailed picture of how the state has progressed as a captive domicile over the past eight years.   26 October 2022
Jeb Dunkelberger, Phillip Giles and Gary Osborne explain the dawn of a new era—that of the Clinically Integrated Captive.   21 October 2022