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Leveraging a captive for ERM efficiency

North America23-03-2021

Enterprise risk management is how businesses overcome the human limitations of their management teams when it comes to thinking about the future. Too many businesses treat it as a box-ticking exercise, but a captive can make such a programme more effective, says Randall Davis of Delphi Risk Management.

CaptiV, the data ecosystem helping small companies manage rising medical costs

North America22-03-2021Health

CaptiV is the next generation of medical stop loss group captives, using advanced data analytics and a more customer-centric approach to help smaller businesses manage their spiralling healthcare costs. With COVID-19 creating a huge backlog of treatments, CaptiV’s creator says there has never been a better time to join such a captive.

Why many corporates are turning to cell captives as an alternative to traditional single parent solutions: Barclays [video]

Global11-03-2021Incorporated Cell Companies

An interview with Hafi Ali, market director at Barclays.

Employee benefits are top of the corporate agenda, and captives may help

Global07-01-2021Employee Benefits

Companies are increasingly competing not only on salaries but also on employee benefits. The challenge is to offer best-in-class benefits without causing costs to escalate out of control. The way to achieve this could be to offer benefits through a captive. Captive International reports on the approach of MAXIS GBN.

Seeking risk management equilibrium in a VUCA world


Organisations should be using their captives to manage emerging risks in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, says Michael Zuckerman of the Temple University Fox School of Business.

The global response to crisis: Groundhog Day or engineering for change?


After a major crisis such as COVID-19 or Hurricane Katrina there are always assurances that lessons have been learned. This time the insurance industry really needs to change, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

Becoming an insurance company may be easier than partnering with one


It may come as a surprise to many insurtech companies, but it is probably easier to build a captive insurance company than to partner with a commercial provider. The insurance industry is awash with outdated firms, IT systems and business practices, which often makes it an ineffective partner, says Zach Finn of Butler University.

The value chain approach to insurance


The commercial insurance model is a zero-sum game between supposedly collaborating insurers seeking competitive advantage with the end customer. Owning a captive puts the insured at the heart of the value chain, dramatically changing the product-service dynamic, says Allan Rodrigues at Captive Insurance Solutions NZ.

Choosing an active shooter insurance policy

North America30-01-2020Employee Benefits, Life

Active shooter/workplace violence insurance programmes vary widely. In the last of a four-part series about the impact and aftermath of an active shooter event, Paul Marshall of McGowan Program Administrators outlines 11 things companies should look for when considering which policy to buy.

Strengthen your bargaining position with risk retention

Global29-01-2020Alternative risk transfer, Captive

With insurance renewals becoming more challenging for brokers and risk managers, formalised risk retention can improve negotiating strength with commercial insurers and secure improvements in price, terms, and conditions, says Marsh’s Derek Bridgeman.

Showing 11 to 20 of 300 results

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