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The US industry: holding its breath

30-11-2011Dennis Harwick

A host of issues confront the captive industry, but clarity on how exactly they will play out continues to elude participants. In the meantime, the industry is taking a wait-and-see approach to its future progress.

Accelerating growth

30-11-2010US Captive

The US captive sector has had a strong year, as the engine of captive growth finds another gear.

Five questions: unpacking your feasibility study


An examination of the challenges faced and those questions that need to be addressed in a captive feasibility study.

A tempest in a teacup?


With Solvency II imminent, US captives are watching Europe’s new regulatory regime with interest. Some believe its implications will be significant. Some are convinced otherwise. US Captive addresses both sides.

Captive evolution

EMEA30-11-2010RatingsYvette Essen

Yvette Essen provides an overview of the captive market, and indicates that there is cause for both opportunity and caution, with regulatory developments likely to have a significant impact on the sector.

Tax savings: the icing on the cake, not the cake itself

EMEA30-11-2010Praveen Sharma

Praveen Sharma examines tax considerations for captives and explains why any potential saving should be regarded as an additional benefit to the parent and not an end in itself.

EMEA: a bright future

Europe30-11-2010EMEA Captive

Captive growth expectations in the EMEA region

Bermuda: still top dog

Bermuda, Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean30-11-2010Bermuda Captive

Bermuda remains the world's leading captive domicile. Bermuda Captive examines the ingredients of its ongoing success.

Due south: Bermuda and the Canadian tax exchange agreement

Bermuda30-11-2010Bermuda Captive

With a tax information exchange agreement with Canada due to be ratified in the country’s coming parliament, Bermuda Captive examines its implications for the Island’s captive sector.

2008: Judging performance in a difficult year

North America30-11-2009

A.M. Best analyses the performance of the captive market in 2008 and asks: Captive versus commercial—who makes the grade?

Showing 291 to 300 of 300 results

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