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Action over captives: solving a contractor’s nightmare

North America27-01-2023Captive

In New York, when it comes to “gravity-related” injuries it doesn’t matter who is at fault—the contractors and property owners are held responsible. Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network offers a solution.

Defining insurance: a critique of the IRS test

United States20-01-2023Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Legislation, Risk management

Matthew Queen of Sherbrooke Captive Insurance makes the case that much of the IRS insurance test is flawed and needs to be rethought.

Trebled damages against captive manager

United States12-01-2023Captive, IRS

Jay Adkisson of Adkisson Pitet provides a guide to the many twists and turns of the recent Sullivan v Feldman case in Texas, which has legal implications for captive owners.

Inflation and captive analytics

Global, United States06-01-2023Captive

Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group take a look at the impact of inflation on captives.

2022 – an unusual year

United States20-12-2022Captive

Stock and bond markets have been brutal this year. Carl Terzer of CapVisor Associates examines why and what it means for captive insurance company portfolios.

Net zero: ESG not delivering as promised

Global23-11-2022Captive, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Risk management

Products and services that can be legally bought and profitably sold will be, no matter how much someone disapproves of them, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

Lloyds Bank International launches Security Interest Agreement

Guernsey03-11-2022Risk management

In Guernsey, the insurance market has been a traditional offering with services including standby letters of credit, account opening services and deposit/notice accounts. However, as technology advances, so does business demand for further flexibility and updated product offerings.

How captive insurance can offset risk and the impacts of litigation in economic downturns

United States26-09-2022Captive

Randy Sadler of CIC Services explains how during economic downturns, instances of litigation have been shown to rise and how captive insurance can protect companies in such uncertain times.

Silent evidence in the captive insurance landscape

North America06-01-2022Captive

‘Silent’ evidence is information we don’t have access to due to the type of data being collected or our own inability to recognise that it exists, and it needs to be taken into account when considering risk placement for a captive, says Enoch Starnes of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group.

Identifying collateral concerns for captives

North America07-10-2021Captive

By approaching the issue with research and understanding, you stand a much better chance of coming out of collateral discussions and negotiations in a positive manner, say Enoch Starnes and L. Michelle Bradley of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group.

Showing 1 to 10 of 449 results

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