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Where to turn?

EMEA30-11-2011Stephen Morris

These are difficult times for asset management. Here, Stephen Morris assesses the various approaches captives can take to manage their investment portfolios.

Reap benefits under Solvency II

EMEA, Europe30-11-2011

Optimising your risk portfolio can make captives more attractive under Solvency II, argues Dr Paul Wöhrmann of Zurich Global Corporate.

Challenging times call for innovative measures

EMEA30-11-2011Caroline Cruickshank

In the face of challenging economic conditions, greater regulatory scrutiny and rating agency oversight, captives are increasingly turning to collateral trusts, as Caroline Cruickshank reports.

Technology: maintaining a cutting edge


With information technology playing an increasingly substantive role in the running of captive entities, its application in law, claims management and e-billing are explored.

The Arabian Gulf: unlocking its potential

EMEA, MENA30-11-2011Ian Sangster

Ian Sangster of Q-Re reports on the development of the Gulf region and expounds its potential as a significant area for future captive growth.

Guernsey: innovation's home

EMEA, Guernsey30-11-2011Fiona Le Poidevin

Fiona Le Poidevin of Guernsey Finance, describes how captive owners continue to view Guernsey as an attractive domicile, and presents new evidence to support her claims.

Malta: astride Europe and offshore

EMEA, Malta30-11-2011Dr Matthew Bianchi

Malta continues to attract rising levels of captive business to its shores, as Dr Matthew Bianchi explains.

The Isle of Man: captive of excellence

EMEA30-11-2011Simon Nicholas

Drawing upon proximity to the UK and a studied independence from the mainland, the Isle of Man enjoys a position as an international captive domicile of some reputation. Here, its strengths are outlined.

Natural cats: on the rise

EMEA30-11-2011Dwane Feehely

Increased exposure to cat losses in Asia is encouraging firms to consider insurance to mitigate rising risk costs. Captives are set to form a key part of these efforts to contain risk exposures, writes Dwane Feehely.

Cayman's island welcome

30-11-2011Clayton Price

It has been a good year for captive redomestications, with Cayman playing to its unique strengths in 2011. Clayton Price details why Cayman can expect further captive interest in the coming years.

Showing 551 to 560 of 678 results

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