Roundstone plans to press ahead with Medical Captive Forum in May


Roundstone will host its annual Medical Captive Forum in downtown Cleveland on May 6-7. 

Roundstone noted that healthcare is in the top three business expenses for companies, and is seeing annual increases.

Roundstone described the forum as “an opportunity for small to mid-size employers to gather with their peers to learn about alternative solutions to the market's ubiquitous, expensive, fully funded health insurance plans.” 

Entrepreneur and author Phil Jones will be the keynote speaker, and will offer thoughts on how to lead with impact. The event will also feature a discussion between industry experts Eric Bricker and Thomas Campanella on the importance of primary care and population health, among other issues. 

Mike Schroeder, president of Roundstone, said: "This is an event where companies can explore and educate themselves on alternative healthcare and employee benefit strategies that not only offer cost savings, but employee engagement and satisfaction. This is something the traditional health insurance market does not offer their customers."

Roundstone, Mike Schroeder, Medical Captive Forum

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