14 January 2015Services

CAP appoints CEO

The Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) has appointed Sarah Pacini as the organisation's new chief executive officer (CEO).

Most recently, Pacini served as vice president of risk management and insurance, president of Advocate Physician Partners Risk Purchasing Group, and chairperson of Advocate Insurance Segregated Portfolio Company for Advocate Health Care, the largest health system in Illinois.

As CEO of both CAP and the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT), Pacini succeeds James Weidner, who announced his retirement after serving as CEO of the enterprise since 1995.

Pacini will work to enhance and extend CAP's core businesses, MPT and the CAPAssurance Risk Purchasing Group, which provide access to superior medical professional liability protection, patient safety education, and risk management services.

"Sarah's background as a senior leader responsible for risk management, liability mitigation, and patient safety at a major health care system will provide CAP with added strength in our support of physicians, medical groups, and health care facilities as they adapt to the new demands on health care providers," said Bela Kenessey, managing director, president and chair of CAP.

Juan Cobo, managing director and chair of the MPT board of trustees, added: "Throughout her career, Sarah has worked hard to protect all stakeholders in the health care system. Most recently she was responsible for forming a risk purchasing group to support and protect physicians in Illinois.

MPT is dedicated to serving the professional liability needs of California's finest physicians, and we're

delighted to have Sarah on board as we continue to strengthen the organization."

Pacini said: "CAP has set the standard for medical professional liability protection, with an exceptional track record of serving the health care community for nearly 40 years. I look forward to leading CAP and supporting physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and other health care facilities as the health care sector continues to evolve."