20 June 2022Executive Appointments

Faries joins board of Höegh LNG Partners

Bermuda-based Höegh LNG Partners, which transports liquid natural gas, has announced that insurance expert Tim Faries has joined its board of directors.

Faries is a partner of Appleby (Bermuda) in the corporate department and a member of the insurance team. Faries was Bermuda office managing partner from 2015-2021. Faries is also chief executive of Appleby Global Corporate Services.

He has extensive experience of public and private insurance company capital raising and M&A activity, public listings on US, UK and European securities exchanges, the establishment and licensing of alternative risk financing vehicles such as cat bonds, ILWs and other insurance-linked securities and captive insurance companies in established and emerging markets.

Faries replaced Tonesan Amissah, who resigned as a director of the board of directors at the closing of its 2022 Annual Meeting.