Tom Adams, NCCIA
4 June 2021Executive Appointments

NCCIA reshuffles its senior management team at its annual meeting

The North Carolina Captive Insurance Association (NCCIA) has named Matt Holycross of Taft Companies as its chairman for the 2021/22 term.

The appointment was made at the NCCIA’s annual meeting on May 14, 2021. Diana Hardy of R&H CPAs was named as vice chair, while Morgan Doughty of Atlas stepped into the role of secretary. David Littlehale of SRS has been named as treasurer.

Holycross said: “During the year I expect the Board will concentrate on driving growth, in conjunction with NCDOI, to the state. It’s a great place to do business.”

Meanwhile, three board members have left the NCCIA: Lea Riddle of McGriff stepped down as chair, as did secretary Mickey Payseur from Butler & Stowe, and Wesley Deaton from Deaton Law Firm.

Littlehale takes a seat on the board, alongside Rosa Garcia from Management Services International and Nate Reznicek from International-Re.

Tom Adams, president and chief executive officer at the NCCIA, called it a bittersweet day. “We are losing three great board members,” he admitted.

Holycross said the NCCIA had “an outstanding group of new board members who, while they have big shoes to fill, are up to the task.”

Members of the NCCIA board serve for one, three year, term.