5 July 2023Analysis

Brokerslink creates second tier to board structure

Global broking business Brokerslink has announced a new two-tier board structure, with the addition of an advisory board to its existing board of directors. The change in governance follows the merger of Brokerslink Management and Brokerslink, with Brokerslink becoming the sole legal entity.

The introduction of a new board structure represents an important step in Brokerslink's ongoing global growth and development. This strategic adjustment allows the company to tap into a wider knowledge base within its global network and is expected to deliver improved coordination and shared business opportunities.

The new Advisory Board includes the eight members of the Board of Directors, as well as: Anthony Lim (Acclaim, Singapore), Carlos José Pineda Molina (CyR, El Salvador), Denise Nart (Nart, Turkey), Francisco Valdes (AER, Mexico), Jorge Manuel Arias (Corporacion Continental, Panama), Laure Nicaise (Generalia Assurances, Cameron), Patrick Verlinden (Van Dessel, Belgian), Roger Potts (Bridge, UK), Sid Garcia (Trinity, Philippines) and Youness Rhallam (Alpha Assurances, Morocco).

The company said that the restructured board marks a significant milestone in Brokerslink's journey, positioning the company for continued expansion and success in the future.

José Manuel Fonseca, Brokerslink’s founder and chairman commented: “Brokerslink has grown in scope and scale since its inception in 2004. With every new partner and affiliate that joins our network, our presence and influence in the global insurance market grows. In order to continue this growth and support our vision of empowering a collaborative ecosystem, we have added an advisory board to our governance structure.

“I have no doubt that the combined business acumen of this new board will enable us to fulfill this vision.”