Shoshanna Simmons, CIC Services
14 April 2023Analysis

CIC Services unveils new director of risk & underwriting

Shoshanna Simmons has been promoted to the director role of risk and underwriting by CIC Services.

She was previously the director of client services at the company from June 2021 through to March of this year.

Simmons will be responsible for evaluating the unique risks of each business insured by CIC Services, and its captive clients as well as recommending coverages to address those risks.

Additionally, Simmons will work side by side with the independent actuaries utilised by CIC Services’ clients to determine the appropriate premiums for each policy issued to the businesses insured by our captives under management.

“In her time with our team, Shoshanna has gone above and beyond and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills,” said CIC Services chief operating officer and managing partner Bryan Ridgway. “We’re happy to have her with us and excited to see the work she does in this next chapter as the director of risk and underwriting.”

Simmons has extensive experience in risk management and insurance while holding a property & casualty Cnsurance license, participating in multiple professional insurance organisations and holding membership in the Risk Management Society.

She previously served as risk manager for The Integral Group in Atlanta, Georgia, where responsibilities included creating and managing the company’s corporate insurance program through individualized risk mitigation strategies within enterprise risk management, underwriting, claims management, property management, safety, compliance and regulatory reporting standards.