25 May 2023Analysis

Moodys RMS adds further risk models to risk platform

Moody’s RMS has announced that risk models from Applied Research Associates (ARA), Fathom, and JBA Risk Management (JBA) are all to be made available as a technology preview on the Intelligent Risk Platform (IRP) from, following the integration of the IRP into the Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes (NRMC) service.

This announcement builds on an earlier Moody’s RMS announcement on enhancing the IRP by integrating the NMRC service for Oasis Loss Modelling Framework based risk models.

When the solution is fully developed and subject to the necessary agreements being put in place between RMS and its partners for the integration, customers who subscribe to the solution will be able to use Moody’s RMS Intelligent Risk Platform applications such as Risk Modeler, UnderwriteIQ, and TreatyIQ for unified execution of Moody’s RMS models, as well as ARA, Fathom, and JBA Risk Management models, running on the Nasdaq modelling service based on the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (LMF), and other custom models and modelling engines.

“With this initiative we are hoping to create more opportunities for innovation in the global risk market, and we are delighted to be working with ARA, Fathom, and JBA,” said Cihan Biyikoglu, executive vice president, product, Moody’s RMS. “Moody’s RMS recognizes that customers often want to incorporate multiple models for a multitude of reasons, including hedging model risk and creating their own-view-of-risk for a differentiated risk strategy.

“We are making this much easier for our clients by allowing them to consolidate their modelling systems into a single unified experience and limiting the burden of complex data conversion between different exposure and loss data formats. This will help them to free up IT budgets dedicated to maintaining multiple modelling environments, as well as allowing their catastrophe modelers better insights for risk selection, pricing, and transfer decisions. We are also working with additional model vendors and look forward to further announcements as this initiative continues to accelerate.”