25 May 2023Analysis

Patriot welcomes Dougherty Company to national platform

Patriot Growth Insurance Services, LLC (Patriot), one of the nation's largest and fastest-growing insurance services firms, welcomes The Dougherty Company to their national platform.

Based in Long Beach, California, Dougherty is a full-service insurance agency focusing on personal, business, marine and captive insurance solutions.

Founded in 1933 by Gordon Dougherty, the Dougherty team is trained in complex insurance issues, so they can respond to client needs promptly and accurately. They are licensed in 29 states and have clients nationally and around the globe.

“We are looking forward to providing our clients the richer resources and services available as a partner in a privately held national firm,” said Craig Dougherty, president of The Dougherty Company. “Our agents, account managers, and support staff will remain the same, and we will continue to operate from our current location in Signal Hill. All of us at Dougherty are excited to be part of a growing national platform within Patriot, while at the same time, working closely with Bowermaster Insurance Brokers, a highly respected Cypress, California-based regional broker.”

“Craig, Joe and the Dougherty team are the perfect Patriot partner, being culturally aligned and laser-focused on producing consistent organic growth,” said Steve Carroll, senior vice president at Patriot. "The team has already hit the ground running collaborating with the rest of our partners, while leveraging all the resources and support Patriot offers. It's especially gratifying to see the Dougherty team working so closely with Bowermaster & Associates to further strengthen our presence and capabilities in the southern California region."