23 May 2023Analysis

VCIA: registration strong for annual meeting

More than 160 people have so far registered to attend the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA)’s annual conference in Burlington this year, according to the VCIA.

In a statement the VCIA said: “The lead up to the launch of registration has been a meticulous process, one that involved a significant amount of time on the backend to ensure that the registration procedure can run properly for everyone.

“Staff and the Conference Task Force have also work hard on securing the keynote speakers who will bring something different and relevant to the attendees. This year we are delighted to have retained the services of Juliette Kayyem & Jeff Kreisler. Juliette is a CNN National Security Analyst, a Pulitzer Prize Finalist, and a former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security. Jeff is the head of Behavioural Science at JP Morgan.”