11 April 2023Analysis

VCIA to hold new hot topic webinar

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) has announced that it will be holding a new hot topic webinar in May.

The webinar will be entitled ‘Demystifying Owning an Insurance Company - Develop and enhance a captive owner mindset’ and will be on Wednesday, May 17th, 2-3pm EST.

Speakers at the webinar will include Jim Bulkowski, senior manager at EY, Joe Carter, vice president at United Educators and Jeff Packard, Assistant Vice President at PMA Insurance Group.

The content advisor is Mikhail Raybshteyn, partner - EY Global Financial Services / Americas Captive Insurance Services co-leader and the moderator will be VCIA president Kevin Mead.

According to the VCIA: “This webinar provides insight for new and seasoned captive insurance owners as well as service providers who want to optimise how a captive functions. It will also demonstrate ways to effectively communicate a captive's value.

“The webinar will cover: fronting carriers, expansion of the captive insurance program, critical assessment of organisational risks, whether those risks should be insured in a captive, offering 3rd party coverage, and being a "good risk" for the reinsurance market.

“Subject matter professionals will share their experience and explain how working collaboratively across and within an organisation allows companies to truly embrace being an insurance entity owner vs. just an insurance policy purchaser.”

For more information on how to participate, contact the VCIA.