We are a public accounting firm with a niche in Insurance Accounting. Our services include audit, tax, and consulting for insurance companies ranging from billion-dollar life insurers, to risk retention groups, to small captives and everywhere in between. Our expertise ranges from Statutory Accounting, International Reporting Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Tax.

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At RH, we thrive on being different. Most find insurance accounting boring, we love it. The financing of risk in an efficient way while making profit is fun! Our team of professionals take the auditing and tax compliance components to a much higher level by offering value added benefits along the way. Our consulting teams work with captive managers and or owners in the start-up phase, many times discussing the business plan with regulators and provide exit planning advice on the front end.

Our professionals, which are authorized in most major domiciles in the U.S. and off shore, know insurance accounting, whether it be Statutory Accounting, GAAP, or International Reporting Standards our teams go beyond the traditional audit service and add personality. RH prides ourselves on being the “right-size” accounting firm, structured to charge less for experience that others can’t match. We are responsive to our clients’ needs and dependable by setting expectations up front and meeting them on a consistent basis. Our best and most knowledgeable accountants are on the front lines every day with clients, not locked away in offices. Our partners are your partners.

Our Insurance Advisory services include: statutory audits, GAAP audits, IFRS audits, NAIC statement preparation, income tax planning, income tax preparation, advisory, risk transfer and distribution consulting, reinsurance consulting and more which can be tailored to your needs.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Auditing
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Compliance
  • Consulting
  • Exit Planning


  • USA
  • Most offshore domicles

Diana Hardy, CPA, CFE - Audit Partner -  dhardy@rh-accounting.com

Diana leads the firm’s auditing and attestation practice. She also oversees the management of the firm’s   operations. Diana’s experience has also allowed her to provide value to a broad spectrum of entities within   the insurance industry including reinsurance considerations, complex and unconventional investments,   complex accounting topics, and mergers and acquisitions.

Daniel Milan - Insurance Services Manager -  dmilan@rh-accounting.com

Daniel leads the firm’s insurance services team. His experience has allowed him to provide value to a broad   spectrum of entitles within the insurance industry including life insurance, health insurance, risk retention   groups, and small captives. Daniel is trained in the preparation of NAIC statements including, P&C, life, and   health.

Teresa Jones - Senior Tax Manager -  tjones@rh-accounting.com

Teresa leads the firm's insurance tax division. She works with clients ranging from 83a(b) electing small   captives to multinational insurers with large, consolidated income tax returns. She also provides assistance   with correspondence to tax authorities for our clients.