10 October 2023news

SRA highlights captive education videos

Micro-captive administrator SRA 831(b) Admin is increasing its education drive to help small to mid-size businesses by educating them about captive insurance.

The company's focus is the administration of 831(b) plans and it claims that though these plans have been around for decades, they have mainly been used only by Fortune 500 companies. However, SRA now says that since the pandemic these plans have seen a surge in popularity and as a result, SRA has produced a series of video podcasts to help explain to the average business owner how these plans can help them plan for the unexpected.

In one recent video, Van Carlson, chief executive and founder of SRA 831(b) Admin, talked with Playbook host and former chief executive of the Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, David Meltzer, to discuss how businesses can help mitigate their risks.

"I am so excited for the release of my Apple TV show interview with Van [Carlson] this December," Meltzer said. "Van is a true entrepreneur who is doing incredible work by protecting businesses' assets through times of uncertainty. I have personally referred a lot of my clients his way because I know what he is doing is invaluable. Can't wait to do more with him and the entire SRA team moving forward."

Carlson has also been interviewed in a slew of educational videos on the SRA YouTube channel, created specifically for providing in-depth information to their clients in their business verticals. In one of the company's posts, SRA shows small and mid-size businesses how to utilise tax deferral to mitigate risks with an 831(b) micro-captive plan.

"I'm always looking for an excuse to help other people, especially business owners," said Carlson. "There's no better way, in my opinion, than to do this by helping educate business owners about what we do and how it can benefit their businesses."

SRA said that it will continue its efforts to provide educational content to its viewers and clients with the goal of teaching businesses to be self-reliant and mitigate their risks.

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