Ken Randall, R&Q
9 July 2020Executive Appointments

R&Q co-founder Ken Randall to retire in March 2021

Ken Randall, the executive chairman and co-founder of Randall & Quilter, will retire on March 31, 2021, and step down as a director of the company.

R&Q had already appointed William Spiegel as executive director and deputy group chairman in January, as part of its succession plan. Spiegel will succeed Randall as executive chairman from April 1, 2021.

Randall co-founded R&Q in 1991 with Alan Quilter. At the time the legacy market was relatively underdeveloped, while it is now worth over $800 billion according to PwC. R&Q is engaged in both legacy and programme management.

Randall said: “Today, the opportunities for R&Q are arguably the greatest since I founded the business with [Quilter] nearly 30 years ago as the significant secular growth in our two core markets, legacy and programme management, continues to accelerate.”

Spiegel, the deputy executive chairman, said it is an honour to succeed Randall, who he described as “a true pioneer and genuine legend in our industry.”