6 July 2015Law & regulation

New online captive courses launched to meet demand

A new Captive Insurance CE Learning Center, featuring online courses on captive insurance and related topics, has been launched partly on the back of industry demand for less structured courses of this nature and will be suitable for executives with varying degrees of experience around captives.

Jack Gibson, the chief executive of International Risk Management Institute, the body that has launched the courses, which are available as a service of Captive.com and powered using WebCE's continuing education (CE) technology, says surveys conducted of people who have taken WebCE’s online insurance continuing education courses clearly indicated interest in captives and other risk finance topics.

“Through WebCE we do periodic customer surveys and we had received inquiries on captives courses in the past so we knew there was some demand,” said Gibson. “There are already some very good providers but they tend to offer more in-depth structured education. What we have done here is offer this as online continuing education courses which people can use in a flexible way and count towards their CE credits.”

He anticipates demand coming from different types of executives.

“It might be a very seasoned captives professional wants to top up their knowledge and skills; it might be a corporate risk manager considering a captive who wants to better understand the sector and their options; or it might be someone who has been employed into a role in the captives field who is not from that background – someone working for a service provider, for instance. We think all these types of people could find the service useful.”

On top of this, he believes many industry professionals will find it useful for their CE and CPE credits.

“Insurers and brokers in most US states are required to do a certain amount of continuous education. The flexibility of these courses should make them very popular,” Gibson said.

He added: “They can be done as quickly or slowly as the individual wants; they are structured to reflect learning and education in the real world. The final exam, for instance, is a substantia multi-choice scenario, which reflects the way people work and their access to the internet.”

The learning center’s first course covers 'captives as risk retention mechanisms'. In July a second course, 'property and casualty reinsurance fundamentals', will be included, and a third course, 'captives as risk transfer mechanisms', will be added in August.

The courses are presented using WebCE's continuing education technology and are backed by WebCE's award-winning customer service team. WebCE is the leading provider of online continuing education courses for the insurance industry.

All three courses are being filed for insurance continuing education (CE), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) continuing professional education (CPE), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) continuing education (CE) credit in most states.

For more information visit:  http://captive-insurance-courses.webce.com/