30 March 2023Analysis

Helio launches international business headquarters

Risk and insurance services company Helio has announced the launch of its international business headquarters in Oklahoma City. Helio will provide services in risk financing, management, and consulting for commercial and captive insurance placements.

Helio will identify and manage risk to businesses by offering bespoke solutions in risk mitigation consulting and insurance placements.

Helio will also assist businesses in forming and managing captive insurance companies to be domiciled in Oklahoma and other locations. The company pointed out that unlike the commercial marketplace, where insurance companies accumulate and retain surplus funds from policyholders, captive insurance structures allow enterprises to customise their own insurance policies and retain their own surplus when premium exceeds losses. This method also allows for the growth of investment income on that surplus and its ultimate distribution back into the company itself.

Helio’s team members have decades of experience and relationships within the industry, enabling partnerships with companies offering insurance and reinsurance solutions in all industries.

The company said that chief executive Blake Kerr brings extensive experience in accounting, financial operations, consulting and syndicating capital to Helio Risk. Working with an extensive network of industries such as healthcare, professional services, aerospace, oil and gas, Kerr’s work advances the interest of his clients and partners by focusing on the unique protections and opportunities with captive insurance.

General counsel and chief risk officer Heather McClure has managed client risk inside law firms and organisations, overseeing risk financing, risk management, insurance procurement, and captive operations, claims and litigation for over 25 years. McClure holds an executive officer position on the board of the Captive Insurance Companies Association, the largest non-domicile industry association for captives in the world.

Chief strategy officer Kyle Sweet brings decades of experience as a lawyer representing businesses, individual professionals, and insurance companies across the country while managing complex litigation and advising clients on risk solutions. Sweet is a multiple-captive owner himself and has experienced how captives transform managing and financing risk into something other than a chronic expense that never generates returns. Sweet has worked with many clients via their captive insurance structure to return value to the organisation.

Chief operating officer Ashley Napier possesses significant experience in insurance business operations. Napier has worked with businesses and owners in multiple industry sectors, including healthcare, private security, franchised businesses, manufacturing, professional services, construction and technology.