Helio Risk & Insurance

Helio Risk’s team leverages deep expertise in captive insurance formation and management; commercial insurance and reinsurance; enterprise risk management and consulting; and actuarial and analytical support for commercial and captive insurance programs in industries including healthcare, energy, agriculture, and business.

Helio Risk & Insurance

933 E. Britton Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73114

United States

T: 405.960.2005

Website: https://www.heliorisk.com/

Company Profile:

Helio is different. It is structured with partners of national and international reputations in Finance, Legal, Risk, and Insurance built over decades in the industry, which allows for a credibility and efficient sharing of expertise second to none. Because of this experience, Helio maintains strong and reliable relationships with other service providers, insurance markets, and regulators.

A team with deep bench strength collaborates on each step towards client success.  Helio’s professionals analyze an insurance program and the organization it supports with a holistic examination of both commercial and captive utilization. Helio experts possess the knowledge and experience in reviewing and drafting policy documentation, communicating complex insurance arrangements to regulators and auditors, and identifying possibilities for elevated risk financing.  Helio leads are easily accessible and become valued members of the client’s insurance team.

Helio examines which strategic goals are being addressed by current risk mitigation tactics and which areas can be bolstered by improvement and support. Through this process, Helio delivers a confidential and comprehensive risk assessment, matching each recommendation with options that most efficiently leverage a client’s existing resources.

Helio clients are better able to mitigate risk, retain command over premium costs and claims, ensure stability, and seize opportunities for financial growth and stewardship. Using captive, commercial, or combined insurance structures, Helio allows businesses to shine while expertly managing structure and process of financing and mitigating risk.

Helio achieves long-term success for clients by building lasting relationships for organizations with insurance markets, expert service providers, and colleagues who become trusted team members. Helio lights the way!

Functions and Services:

· Captive Formation

· Captive Management

· Commercial Insurance

· Commercial Reinsurance

· Enterprise Risk Management

· Enterprise Risk Consulting

· Actuarial & Analytical Support



Key Contacts

Blake Kerr, CPA

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer, Blake Kerr, CPA, brings extensive business experience in accounting, financial operations, consulting, and syndicating capital to Helio Risk. With a background in insurance, taxation, business consulting and accounting, Blake’s relationship with risk allows him to work with the Helio Risk team to provide solutions other agencies cannot.

Heather McClure, JD, LLM

General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer


General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer Heather McClure, JD, LLM, has decades of experience managing client risk inside law firms and organizations, overseeing risk financing, risk management, insurance procurement, captive operations, and claims and litigation.

Kyle Sweet

Chief Strategy Officer


Chief Strategy Officer Kyle Sweet, JD, has decades of experience as a lawyer working on behalf of business clients, captives, and commercial insurance companies, managing complex litigation, and advising clients on risk and safety issues across the country. Kyle is also a Captive owner and brings that unique perspective to clients.