1 February 2022ILS

CICA student essay finalists announced

The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) has announced the finalists for its 2022 student essay contest.

The topic was “Using Captive Insurance Solutions to Address Coverage Gaps” and entrants had to develop strategies for one of two fictional case studies: The American Cannabis Association, interested in exploring a captive for general, product and automobile liability coverages; and the Craft Breweries Association, looking at whether and how a captive could provide medical stop-loss coverage to participants and control future health insurance costs.

Two teams wrote on the Craft Breweries case: Katie Strohl and Blake Babec from Butler University, and Connor Thomson and Nicholas Vagnozzi from Saint Joseph’s University. The final team, Matia Daskalos and Vincent Palmieri from Temple University, wrote on the American Cannabis Association.

The three finalists will now work with a mentor from contest sponsor Strategic Risk Solutions to revise and enhance their essays. A final round of judging will determine first, second and third place, with winners announced at the CICA International Conference on 7 March in Tucson, Arizona. The finalist teams will also present their case studies during an education session.

“We are looking forward to seeing the finalist teams give their presentations at the Conference this year,” said CICA President Dan Towle. “They have done excellent work, and we look forward to having them share their ideas in person.”