23 May 2023Analysis

BMS Re introduces ProLink Solutions

BMS Re has launched ProLink Solutions, which it describes as a new banner uniting its cohesive team of specialists.

The new team is led by Desmond J Bohan, who has been promoted from the post of executive vice president and co-head of programmes, and John Speckman.

In a statement on LinkedIn BMS Re said: “Together, our ProLink team possesses a unique expertise in forging valuable connections. We are not just reinsurance brokers; we are relationship builders, capacity securers, and risk capital advisors.

“With ProLink Solutions, we empower program managers with innovative tools and strategies, driving growth and prosperity. Our unrivalled dedication to excellence, coupled with our industry-leading expertise, ensures that we provide top-notch service to our esteemed clients. Let's connect, collaborate, and propel each other towards unparalleled success.”