28 February 2023Analysis

NCCIA to form state PAC

The North Carolina Captive Insurance Association (NCCIA) will form a state level political action committee (PAC) according to Tom Adams, association president & chief executive.

“We have been fortunate to have friends in the General Assembly who have aided the development of the domicile with strong bi-partisan support,” said Adams. “While we expect this support to continue the Board believes it is important for the association to participate in a more organised way, in addition to its traditional encouragement of support of candidates by our individual members.”

Board chair Diana Hardy will appoint three individuals to form a board separate from the NCCIA to administer the PAC.

In addition, government affairs committee chair Alex Webb has announced that the NCCIA has retained the government affairs firm of Almond Miner Government Relations to serve as the association’s lobbying arm for the current session of the North Carolina legislature.

During the early years of the association, until 2020 Lane Brown III served as the association's registered lobbyist along with Adams. After Brown retired, Adams continued through 2022 to carry the load alone.

According to Webb: “We believe given the complexity of the legislative process and the growth of the annual conference, which occurs concurrently with the busiest part of the legislative session, that we needed to enhance our firepower with the General Assembly.”