31 March 2023Analysis

NCCIA to hold CAPTIVE PAC event

The North Carolina Captive Insurance Association (NCCIA) will be holding an event at its annual conference in Asheville to mark the creation of its Captive political action committee (PAC).

At 4pm on Monday, May 7th, the association’s leaders who created the PAC will meet in the Paparazzi Room on the 12th floor of the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville.

NCCIA Chair, Diana Hardy will introduce the PAC concept and special guest Senator Todd Johnson, sponsor of the association’s legislation SB 119 Captive Act Revisions. Additionally attendees can meet David Miner and Zack Almond, NCCIA’s lobbying team.

The NCCIA announced that it was creating the PAC in February, saying that the time that it wanted to support the domicile in a more organised manner.