2 June 2023Analysis

NRRA continues to warn about Florida RRG bill

The National Risk Retention Association (NRRA) has warned that Florida Senate Bill 516, which it says would have adversely affected risk retention groups (RRGs) in the state could be resurrected in the next legislative session of Florida’s state legislature.

According to the latest newsletter from the NRRA: “Following the conclusion of the 2023 Florida Legislative Session on May 5th, which ended without passage of Senate Bill 516, no time is being wasted waiting to see when the previously ill-conceived legislative phoenix might rise from the ashes there.

“As previously reported, NRRA’s motivation on this front here is that other entities within the state continue to rely on the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation's (FOIR) "Pop-up" Notice in order to seriously prevent RRG members trying to do business in the state.

“This case also shows that larger RRGs are no less immune from discrimination than the smaller ones! This train coming down the tracks can be tracked in real time; we can clearly see the headlight.

“What we have learned from Phase One of our Campaign is that the FOIR has taken no steps to alert its own institutional constituents (e.g., other state agencies or public entities) that its Pop-up is actually causing them to violate federal law!”

The NRRA said that it is likely that Senate Bill 516 will return in the next legislative session and that if it passes it will have a severe impact on RRGs in Florida and could be copied by other States.

As a result it stated that it is now well into Phase 2 of its previously declared (https://www.captiveinternational.com/news/nrra-launches-fightback-against-florida-bill-5989) fundraising campaign to actually oppose and defeat discriminatory legislation or other conduct directed at risk retention groups, not just in Florida, but wherever else they may appear.