20 April 2023Analysis

US Patent office issues trademark for Clearwater initiative

Clearwater, a provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions for healthcare organisations, has announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the Predictive Risk Rating capability within Clearwater’s IRM|Analysis® software.

Since its introduction more than 10 years ago, IRM|Analysis has been used by the healthcare industry for performing comprehensive, efficient, by-the-book cyber risk management – including risk analysis and risk response – on an ongoing basis.

Used by many of the nation’s largest health systems, major physician groups, leading health IT companies, and other business partners, IRM|Analysis software helps healthcare organisations understand where their greatest cyber risks lie at both the enterprise level, as well as for each of their unique information assets, and enables them to take action in addressing those risks. The software also empowers healthcare organisations to meet the Security Risk Analysis requirement of the HIPAA Security Rule, in alignment with guidance from the Office for Civil Rights.

In early 2021, Clearwater added the Predictive Risk Rating capability to IRM|Analysis, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to tap into more than a million risk ratings generated by the company’s experts and its community of software users to help healthcare organisations more quickly and confidently analyse risk across the enterprise. This capability provides Clearwater customers, as well as Clearwater’s consultants, with suggestions on likelihood and impact ratings for their unique risks to specific information assets and their components based on their specific controls.

“Whether our customers perform an internal risk analysis, or our consultants provide an external view, our goal is to drive better risk decisions by leveraging the wealth of knowledge that exists among our expert community of users,” said Jon Stone, SVP and chief product officer at Clearwater. “Predictive Risk Rating recommendations can be automatically accepted or simply serve as guidance for the user.”