Delphi Risk Management

Delphi Risk Management is a cloud-based risk management consultancy completely independent of the insurance industry. Delphi offers deep expertise in enterprise risk management and alternative risk solutions. Delphi's core focus is providing analytical services for prospective and start-up captive insurers.

Delphi Risk Management, LLC
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Delphi Risk Management provides customized risk management services to risk-intelligent companies around the world.
Key areas of expertise include:

  • Alternative Risk Management Strategy
  • Captive Insurance Strategy
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Delphi's clients are businesses of all sizes and in any industry where the management of property and casualty is essential. Ideal clients have a proactive attitude towards managing risk, pursuing efficiencies, and making fundamental changes.

While Delphi has deep experience in traditional risk management, the company focuses on alternative risk management strategies and solutions. Delphi is particularly well-suited for companies with heavy P&C exposures which have a cost of risk of $500K and above.

Delphi consultants are experts at 831b formation, providing pre-formation due diligence and analytics. Delphi's proprietary analytical tools provide independent substantiation of business purpose, coverage deficiencies in the commercial program, and risk management improvement opportunities. This pre-formation analysis is very effective in educating senior management on the benefits and challenges of establishing a captive. If senior management decides to move forward, Delphi then refers the company on to world-class captive managers for formation and ongoing management. Delphi remains engaged throughout the life of the captive as an advisor.

Delphi is a cloud-based firm so its operating costs are substantially reduced. As expert consultants in the analysis of TCOR, ERM, captive formation, feasibility studies, business plans and regulatory compliance, Delphi is uniquely positioned to provide independent advice, unencumbered by carrier and broker interests, at a price that is unmatched in the industry. Some of the firm's proprietary analytical tools include:

Deductible Analysis tool
Delphi consultants developed the industry's first and only deductible analysis tool designed to target deductibles and corresponding premium credits for mid-cap companies. No other risk management consulting firm has this capability.

Exposure Analysis Tool
Delphi consultants have produced exposure analyses to over 350 captive insurance programs to date. The firm's proprietary analysis includes a review of a company's TCOR, commercial program, claims history, potential exposures in the marketplace, aligns any coverage gaps with potential captive program coverages, and offers alternative solutions to insurance.

TCOR Analysis Tool
With decades of combined experience running TCOR analyses, Delphi consultants are prepared to use the best industry data and methodologies available to assess a company's total cost of risk. The firm will also discuss the deficiencies and shortcomings of TCOR analysis the brokers and agents typically do not own up to, thus improving its clients' negotiating position.

XTOR Analysis Tool
Delphi consultants have developed a new analytical tool unheard of to date in the risk management industry. The tool is designed to provide mathematical substantiation for the higher premiums that are frequently associated with small captive insurance programs.

In summary, Delphi is a small, efficient, cloud-based risk management firm. Accordingly, it has the ability to undercut competitor pricing substantially, and, thus is able to offer its proprietary analytical tools at a bespoke level of attention resulting in extraordinary value.


  • USA
  • Cayman
  • Nevis
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe

Managing Partner

Randall co-founded Delphi and directs its operations. He is a recognized expert in all aspects of corporate risk management, and is particularly adept at distilling complicated risk issues into actionable strategies. He is a qualified expert witness in Risk Management, a published author, and a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

John Tally, MPA, AIC, ARM
Managing Partner

Delphi co-founder and director of business development, John began his career in the insurance industry in 1990 selling both P&C and personal lines insurance products. in addition to sales, John has spent over 25 years specializing in insurance archaeology, alternative risk management, and captive insurance.