Invest Barbados

Invest Barbados (IB) is the economic development agency of the government of Barbados with responsibility for attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment for the country. IB is also responsible for helping to develop and manage the Barbados international business brand.



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Barbados - A Welcoming Investment Climate for Global Business  

Barbados facilitates global growth and profitability, offering the combination of a secure and reputable jurisdiction, cost efficient treaty-based business opportunities, educated human resources, quality professional services, modern infrastructure and a quality lifestyle.

Ranked as having “very high human development” by the UN’s Human Development Index,  Barbados’ success as a centre for global business has been built on transparency, effective regulation, adherence to international best practice standards and the attraction of businesses of substance.

​Barbados is a mature captive insurance domicile, ranking among the top 10 worldwide for decades. It has established itself as a well-respected and sophisticated jurisdiction and is known for its simplified annual corporate filing and easy incorporation and operational procedures. Actuarial services are available locally and the major accounting firms, BDO, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC, are represented on island, as well as major international banks that provide services geared to global insurance.

The jurisdiction offers a​​ competitive environment for business process outsourcing, financial services and wealth management, financial technology, information communication technology, global insurance, niche manufacturing, renewable energy and medicinal cannabis, to name a few.

Invest Barbados

Invest Barbados (IB) is the economic development agency of the government of Barbados with responsibility for attracting, winning and sustaining global investment for the country. IB is well positioned to ensure that Barbados works for you.

Key service areas:

  • Assisting clients with establishing operations in Barbados including guidance regarding government’s registration/permit processes and relevant legislation
  • Providing relevant, timely, current, quality information to investors regarding the country’s social, political and economic landscape
  • Facilitating new client visits, and organising inward missions of prequalified investors and service providers to assess the country first-hand and experience the quality of the infrastructure and professional services available
  • Engaging in promotional activities globally and presenting Barbados’s value proposition and competitive advantages to investors and business and tax advisors
  • Provision of aftercare/investor support services to ensure smooth business continuity

Regions of operation:

Headquartered in Barbados, with offices in Canada and the USA

Main source markets for business: Canada, USA, Latin America, UK & Europe, China, Africa

Kaye Brathwaite, Chief Executive Officer

Ezra Catwell, Director Investment Facilitation

The Investment Facilitation division provides guidance to investors setting up operations in Barbados, including guidance on various government permits/ requirements, ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible. This team also provides aftercare support to investors already established in Barbados.