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Payden & Rygel is one of the largest privately-owned investment firms, and a leader in the active management of balance sheet assets. We offer a full array of custom global strategies, with a strong history of risk management excellence.

Payden & Rygel Investment Management
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Payden & Rygel provides a full range of investment strategies and solutions to investors around the globe, with over $112 billion of assets under management. Founded in 1983, we are one of the largest privately-owned global investment advisors and recognized as a leader in the active management of fixed income and equity portfolios, through domestic and international solutions. W provide strong performance and risk management, with an unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs. For over three decades our independence has enabled us to manage custom portfolios focused on our clients’ objectives. We build lasting relationships by providing unparalleled level of service and problem solving.

Our ability to remain client focused is driven by our continued independence and a strong firm culture. An exceptionally low turnover in people and clients, and a cohesive team approach to all aspects of the investment management process, generates a collaborative environment fixated on delivering an investment solution tailored to a client’s specific situation. With fees for assets under management our only source of revenue, and investment management our only business, the client remains our primary concern.

Payden & Rygel is an institutional investment advisor that understands captive insurance, not a captive insurance investment manager. While our $16 billion of insurance assets under management rivals many dedicated insurance managers, our broader client experience contributes to the success of our captive insurance clients and brings unique perspectives to our relationships. While we understand the accounting, regulatory, and income concerns of captive insurance companies, we view investment management through a total return lens. Even for income focused portfolios, a total return mindset adds value through heightened awareness of potential downgrade risk, optimal interest rate duration positioning, and active credit selection that goes beyond targeting the highest yield. Additionally, all our investment professionals are responsible for ensuring the best ideas are represented in all portfolios, whether they are constrained, unconstrained, total return, or income focused.

As a firm dedicated to balance sheet assets, we understand the importance of reporting being flexible and accessible. We provide customized feeds directly to clients, custodians, consultants, accountants, captive managers, and other interested parties in a variety of forms that can be delivered directly into third party systems. This can include volatility analysis, income projections, performance attribution, a multitude of investment analytics, and regulatory classifications.

For smaller captives that cannot efficiently achieve diversification through owning individual securities, we have developed specific strategies designed to actively manage captive assets through the captive lifecycle involving the use of Payden mutual funds, UCITS funds, and low-cost ETFs. These strategies take advantage of our institutional investment approach, and pricing, in a more efficient manner for smaller balance sheets.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Asset Management
  • Investment Management
  • Fixed Income
  • Equity


  • USA
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Europe
  • Asia

Erinn King, CFA
Managing Principal and Senior Portfolio Manager

Erinn brings more than a decade of experience to help insurance companies develop customized solutions for their assets, currently managing over $16 billion for insurance clients. She marshals the firm’s resources to produce investment portfolios focused upon returns, risk, and liquidity management, while addressing relevant accounting and regulatory concerns.

Eric Hovey, CFA
Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager

Eric works with over $16 billion of assets for insurance companies to address their unique investment circumstances. Over his 13 years at the firm, he has also held positions as a Senior Fixed-Income Strategist, Trader and Sector Analyst, bringing a depth of investment and risk-management experience to each client relationship.

Eric Delomier, CFA
Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager

Eric works with insurance clients across Europe and Asia, leveraging the global resources of Payden, to provide custom investment solutions using separately managed accounts and UCITS funds. Prior to joining Payden, Eric worked for seventeen years as a client portfolio manager in Singapore and Hong Kong.