Agile Premium Finance Captive Specialists

Agile Premium Finance Captive Specialists

Agile Premium Finance - Captive Specialists, a division of Valley National Bank, provides creative premium finance and capital solutions for the captive industry.

Agile Premium Finance Captive Specialists
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Agile Premium Finance - Captive Specialists, a division of Valley National Bank, provides creative premium finance and capital solutions for the captive industry, including:

Pure Captive Premium Finance - Finance up to 100% of the annual premium for any pure captive. This provides significant cash flow relief for the parent.

Alternative Loan Back Program - Easy-to-use loan product offers an alternative to lending back from captive to parent. These programs help clients avoid pitfalls commonly associated with traditional loan back programs.

Capital Assistance Program - Specifically designed for new captives in need of assistance with capital.

Private Premium Finance Company Formation - For group captives and risk retention groups interested in starting a premium financing company, Agile can help establish structure, regulatory compliance, and day-to-day business operations.

Direct Bill Services - Agile can integrate with your existing systems and manage your entire direct bill program using our white-label software solution.

As captive specialists, we strive to offer creative and comprehensive premium finance and capital solutions that are easy to use and clearly valuable for captive owners. Please contact us if you have questions about our products and services, or if you’d like to brainstorm with us to discover the right solution for your business.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Pure Captive Premium Finance
  • Alternative Loan Back Program
  • Capital Assistance Program
  • Private Premium Finance Company Formation
  • Direct Bill Services


  • USA
  • Bermuda

dan.jpgDan Duncan
Captive Specialist

Dan Duncan has spent more than 25 years in the premium finance, property and casualty insurance industries. He was able to grow his company’s loan portfolio very quickly from the start, after recognizing significant opportunity to support risk retention groups that specialized in construction liability insurance. Using his creativity and relationships with multiple lenders, Duncan helped these businesses offer reasonable payment plans which, in turn, led to explosive growth for the risk retention groups.

Duncan later discovered a niche in assisting carriers, program managers, MGAs, and retail agents form private premium finance companies. In 2015, he was entered to the captive space, financing premiums for several pure captives. Today, Duncan finds himself an expert in developing creative premium finance solutions for a wide variety of captive managers and owners across the nation.

mike.jpgMichael Vincent
Captive Specialist

With nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, Michael Vincent’s experience as a former insurance broker gives him a unique perspective on industry needs. Today, he plays a pivotal role as Captive Specialist. Vincent’s experiences working with captives led him and his colleagues to develop the baseline programs that serve as the foundation of Agile Premium Finance - Captive Specialists. He thrives on working directly with captive managers to create programs that suit specific needs

thomas.jpgThomas Drake
Sales & Marketing

With a passion for marketing and armed with fresh ideas, Thomas Drake’s creativity and insight have had a significant impact in the development of finance programs for the captive industry. Drake’s contributions to our marketing efforts have continued to create awareness of our services across the captive industry.

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