Since 1991, BIAS has been providing captive insurers with premium investment management services, with the added convenience of being located in Bermuda and in Cayman. Our CFA led team of investment managers will ensure you receive faster, more personalised services, focusing on risk-control, investment performance and reporting.

Wessex House, First Floor    
45 Reid Street, Hamilton
HM12, Bermuda
+1441 292 4292
Governors Square, Suite 5-203
23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
+1 345 943 0003

BIAS provides personalized investment services to captive insurers, trust intermediaries and personal investors. It is the only investment managers firm in Bermuda and in Cayman that has been established and managed by CFA professionals.

Our CFA led team of investment managers combines over 70 years’ experience in investment management and ensures the best performance of invested portfolios.

Robert Pires (Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Executive Officer) and Mark Melvin (Chief Investment Analyst and Chief Operating Officer) have experience in managing multi-million dollar portfolios, having both worked for the Bermuda Monetary Authority, as well as with well-known investment management firms in the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

Since 1991, BIAS has been structuring and managing captive insurers’ portfolios. BIAS will work with you to ensure optimal income generation while controlling risks and meeting expected payout requirements.

Risk Control:

Captives face several risks such as captive’s liquidity, currency, interest rate, credit and operational risks. Asset Liability Management is the process BIAS uses to identify and manage captive’s risks, and to maximize results.

Strategies applied to manage captive’s risks include the selection of only single-A rated or better bonds for credit risk control, the elimination of currency risk by maintaining assets in the currency of expected claims, or the matching of individual asset duration against the timing of expected claims to minimize interest rate risks.


Each quarter, we provide clients with a comprehensive reporting package denominated in any currency, and an optional face-to-face portfolio review with managers and plan sponsors. 3 times a year, we hold a quarterly market briefing in Bermuda and in Cayman, where we outline recent research as well as our latest insights into future prospects for financial markets.

photo-robert.jpgRobert R. Pires 
Tel : +1441 292 4292
M. Pires has 35 years’ experience in the management of multi-currency portfolios. Before establishing BIAS in 1991, he worked for Mercury Asset Management in London as a senior portfolio manager responsible for billion dollar portfolios. Later, he managed the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s investments, and worked for various banks in Bermuda.

photo-mark.jpgMark J. Melvin
Tel : +1441 292 4292
Prior developing BIAS’ corporate and investment strategies, M. Melvin was CFO at a Bermuda based venture capital firm. In 1985, he became regulator to financial services industry for the Bermuda Monetary Authority. He implemented many internationally recognized Bermuda banking regulatory standards. He also acted as financial advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Bermuda.

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