Captive Insurance Program

Captive Insurance Program

The Missouri Department of Insurance is a fully accredited insurance department, recognized as being among the best insurance regulators in the country. The Captive Program is designed on a pro-business platform that includes: a simplified application review process with fully disclosed review costs; initial licensing and subsequent renewal fees are fully deductible from premium taxes; and in-house resources for financial examinations providing significantly reduction in the cost of exams.

Captive Insurance Program
Missouri Department of Insurance
301 W. High Street, Suite 530
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101


The Missouri Department of Insurance Captive Program is in its 12th year of operation in 2019. We have established ourselves as the preeminent captive domicile in the mid-west. We have seen captive growth in the financial, transportation, construction and service industries in Missouri and surrounding states. At present, we have licensed 72 captive insurance companies, most of which are pure captives. In 2018, Missouri’s captives produced $4.1 billion in gross written premium. Our captives range from 250 thousand to 4 billion in size and bring in approximate $2 million annual premium taxes to Missouri.

The captive licensing and renewal fee is $7500. These fees are fully deductible from future premium taxes. No other state has this feature. Premium tax rate less than 0.4% and can never exceed $200,000.
Missouri law offers the most popular formation types: pure, association, industrial, special purpose life reinsurance and sponsored cell captives. The law is flexible enough to meet the needs of any captive company. Our laws are not designed with gimmicks just to attract numbers. We want to attract quality companies that have quality operations and require minimal oversight from us.

Our approach to licensing a captive is to get to know the owners; what their needs are; and how those fit within the overall intent of our law. We conduct a thorough review of the application materials and use outside actuarial experts to advise us on the potential for success of the company. We will ask a lot of questions and do the upfront work to build trust and to ensure that the captive gets off to a good start. The licensing process for most captives can usually be completed within thirty days from the application submission date.

Missouri has become the premier domicile in the Midwest for captives that have a solid business plan and quality operations. We have learned what the captive companies expect from their regulators and we built a stable domicile and attracted service providers to service the companies we license. We actively work to ensure that there is a benefit for the captive and for the state in doing business here.


United States and any business location that desires to form a captive insurance company in Missouri.

talley-john-2019-2-2.jpgJohn M. Talley JD
Captive Program Manager

Mr. Talley is responsible for overseeing Missouri’s captive domicile and assisting those forming captives in Missouri to meet all the requirements of captive laws and regulations. He received his B.S. and J.D. degrees from the University of Kansas and is admitted to practice law in Kansas, Alaska and New Hampshire.

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