Computer Forensic Services

Computer Forensic Services

Digital evidence is today’s DNA, with digital examinations often revealing the evidence that can make the difference in court. Computer Forensic Services specializes in the collection, preservation, and presentation of digital evidence to make complex technical findings understandable to any audience.

Computer Forensic Services
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Computer Forensic Services (CFS) provides the most complete electronic discovery, forensic analysis, litigation support, advisory, and consultation services available in the marketplace. CFS has conducted over 10,000 electronic discovery and forensic analysis cases involving sexual harassment, pornography, theft of trade secrets, white-collar crime, class action lawsuits, and family law in addition to business and commercial litigation. We have examined evidence and provided consultation in many high-profile cases.

CFS has an unmatched background in the examination of digital evidence to support criminal investigations, civil litigations, and best security practices.

Our team of forensic analysts has professional experience in both law enforcement and information technology, including federally trained experts specializing in the development and utilization of various computer evidence processing techniques. CFS Founder and Chief Technology Officer Mark Lanterman has been officially recognized by the United States Secret Service for outstanding contributions to law enforcement.

With the increasing number of computer security and digital evidence related incidents and their associated losses, CFS believes our Forensic Analysis Services are key to our customers' incident response capabilities.

To best inform our clients' security posture, our analysts are trained to present technical findings in a detailed and readable format. This process lends clarity to the most complex cases and strengthens our customers' ability to develop well-informed incident response and security protocols. Our specialized consultants are qualified to provide expert witness testimony to support litigation.

Any investigation can twist and turn based on available evidence.

CFS guides electronic discovery and investigative processes, providing legal teams with sound advice and an expanded source of evidentiary information. We carefully learn the details of each case to conduct timely and thorough investigations. Computer Forensic Services' commitment to quality forensic examinations ultimately makes the difference in court.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Preservation, Analysis & Presentation of Electronic Evidence
  • Expert Witness Testimony Jurors Will Understand
  • Incident Response & Network Intrusion
  • Full Investigative Support Available
  • CLE & Cybersecurity Training
  • Former State/Federal Law Enforcement (FBI, IRS, US Secret Service)
  • Certifications to Include; CCEP, GIAC Forensic Examiners, ISO27001, PCIP, SCERS


  • All regions, except the Middle East

mark-lanterman.jpgMark Lanterman
Chief Technology Officer

Mark Lanterman is the Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensic Services. Before entering the private sector, Mark was a member of the U. S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Taskforce. Mark has 28 years of security and forensic experience and has testified in over 2000 cases.

kyle-loven.jpgKyle Loven
National Director

Kyle Loven serves CFS as its National Director, specializing in complex cybersecurity investigations and digital forensic analyses. Kyle is a 22 year veteran of the FBI and served as Chief Division Counsel for the Minneapolis Division from 2004 to 2017.

mike-olsen.jpgMike Olson
Senior Director – Cyber Protection Operations

Mike specializes in security assessments, incident response, and risk management. Mike is a former U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Senior Special Agent with over 22 years of successful experience in global law enforcement, protection, emergency management, high profile federal/state fraud investigations, and electronic crime & forensic/network intrusion investigations. Held a Top Secret (SCI) Security Clearance.

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