HighDome PCC, Ltd.

HighDome PCC, Ltd.

High Dome PCC is a protected cell company providing a number of alternative risk financing services including rent-a-captive, access to reinsurance markets and EU front facilities for organisations with offshore captives. We can offer feasible and cost-effective solutions, even to small and medium-sized companies.

Alfred Craig Street
Ta'Sbiex XB 1111
(+356) 2343 0251


HighDome PCC is fully owned by MDS Group and complements MDS insurance brokerage and risk management services through the delivery of an innovative risk financing solution to our clients and the market at large in order to:
- Reduce investment;
- Minimize the costs;
- Optimize the risk transfer of companies.

HighDome: to create value

Our clients can count on a team of experienced professionals to develop more sophisticated, sustainable solutions for financing their risks - even those that are especially difficult to insure. Today, many multinationals are using captive insurance companies as an alternative solution to risk financing. Due to the recurring costs of operating a captive, such vehicles are most often set up by large organizations. Yet with a Protected Cell Company (PCC), small to medium-sized operators can also have access to these remarkable solutions. By establishing their own dedicated captive vehicle (or “cell”) without substantial additional investment, smaller organizations can take advantage of an effective and safe risk financing approach.

Ideal for:
- Property and first party risks;
- Auto fleet;
- Affinity business;
- Personal accident;
- Extended warranties;
- Trade credit.

What makes a PCC a sustainable risk financing solution?
- Reduces overall cost of risk by eliminating insurers’ administrative costs;
- Provides custom-tailored coverage;
- Extend the span of insurance programs when certain covers are unavailable or unaffordable in traditional markets;
- Offers stability for insurance costs overtime as captives are less exposed to insurance markets prices volatility;
- Minimizes capital costs as compared to those required for a traditional captive;
- Ensures complete independence between captive cells;
- Turns risk management into a profit center by delivering underwriting profits and investment income; - Can be used for various risks or a single strategic risk;
- Allows an easy way out.

We are located in Malta. Why Malta?

Together with EU-compliant PCC regulations, the Maltese tax system offers a very attractive package for Malta-based insurers and cell promoters. The nation's flexible and efficient legal and regulatory environment, along with its multilingual, educated workforce and low operational costs makes Malta the perfect location for a captive cell. HighDome PCC Ltd is authorised to carry on insurance and reinsurance business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, Co. Reg. No. C54503

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