Insurance Managers Association of Cayman

Insurance Managers Association of Cayman

IMAC works to keep the Cayman Islands as a domicile of choice for captive insurance companies by providing an environment of innovation, ensuring that as a jurisdiction we are responsive to market demands.

Insurance Managers Association of Cayman
Landmark Square,
Suite 3E-2, 64 Earth Close,
West Bay Road, Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands
+1 345-949-4622

The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) is an industry association that has since 1981, taken on the responsibility to promote Cayman’s captive and international insurance industries to the world, using collective resources to ‘sell Cayman first’ and to position Cayman as an international insurance and reinsurance jurisdiction ( for the purposes of this document referring to the insurance industry), raising overall awareness amongst the target audience about Cayman’s value proposition. The Cayman Islands has proactively and successfully engaged in the international insurance industry for the past forty years enabling the jurisdiction to compete effectively in the captive insurance, ILS and reinsurance space.

The captive insurance industry in particular has been the success story and Cayman is one of the three most prominent domiciles for captive insurance companies (with Bermuda and Vermont). ILS and Reinsurance businesses have shown positive signs of development and Cayman has effectively attracted these types of companies and transactions. IMAC will continue to promote captive insurance and reinsurance business in conjunction with ILS.

IMAC’s mission is to promote the development of the Cayman Islands captive insurance industry through cooperation and engagement with local government, regulators, media and other organisations, to promote the integrity and intellect of the industry, and to encourage sustainable growth through innovation, education and international competitiveness.

Key service areas

• Captive Insurance (healthcare, financial, transportation, energy, pharmaceutical, cyber, manufacturing, group captives)

• Life and annuity products (whole life, fixed and variable annuity, PPLI, life reinsurance)

• Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)

• Reinsurance companies (including hedgefund, PE, VC backed) 

Regions of operation

We operate in the Cayman Islands.

William Forsythe
Senior Vice President
General Manager
Phone: (345) 949–4622

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