JLT Insurance Management

JLT Insurance Management

JLT Insurance Management offer captive management and consulting services from Barbados, Bermuda, Guernsey, Malta, Singapore, Vermont, South Carolina, New York and through an affiliated company"2RS" in Luxembourg and Zurich.

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JLT Insurance Management (JLTIM) is one of the leading insurance management and consulting groups. We provide first-class service and advice for captive insurance companies, risk retention groups, rent-a-captives and segregated cell companies.

Our consulting capabilities include captive feasibilitystudies, captive insurance and reinsurance programme design and strategic reviews.

Our insurance management and consulting capabilities are available to support our clients wherever they are in the world. JLT Insurance Management comprises operations in Bermuda, Guernsey, Barbados, the US and Singapore, together with associated undertakings in Malta, Zurich and Luxembourg. In the US and Barbados, we operate under the JLT Towner banner, and in Zurich and Luxembourg as Risk and Reinsurance Solutions (2RS).

 Why Choose JLT:

  • Best In Class
  • Pro-active managers, not just administrators
  • Quality & Timelines of reporting and services
  • Consultatvie approach
  • Hands on Senior executive involvmenets at all times
  • Use of systems to:
    • Create operating efficiency
    • Provide online management information
    • Tailored captive websites via our client portals
    • Innovative solutions

Rent-a-Captives/Cell Structures

For many corporations a wholly owned captive may not be desirable or economic and an alternative is to utilize a rent-a-captive facility. A Rent-a-Captive provides a licensed insurance company with the necessary infrastructure for its clients to participate in their own risks through a captive program without needing to establish a wholly owned subsidiary. Participation in a Rent-a-Captive is via segregated cells which are legally segregated from the Rent-a-Captive itself and other established cells. JLTIM has such a vehicle, Isosceles, that is available to our clients. Cell structures can be utilised for bespoke transactions involving reinsurance contracts, access to reinsurance markets or capital market risk transformation.

Steve Arrowsmith
Executive Chairman – JLT Insurance Management America’s
Email: steve_arrowsmith@jltgroup.bm

Steve is Executive Chairman of JLT’s captive management and consulting units in the America’s.  During his career at JLTIM Steve has gained substantial experience in the management of captives , risk transformation vehicles and the facilitation of various types of insurance to capital market transactions.

Kilian Whelan
Chief Executive Officer – JLT Insurance Management America’s
Email: kilian_whelan@jltgroup.bm

Kilian is Chief Executive Officer of JLT’s captive management and consulting units in the America’s. He has over 19 years’ experience in the captive and alternative risk markets. His primary responsibilities include oversight of captive insurance clients, business development and long term strategic planning and implementation for JLTIM and client captives.

Nick Wild
Executive Chairman (Ex Americas)

Nick has over thirty years experience in the insurance industry. The last twenty five creating and managing captives. He has held the senior management position within two captive management companies with overall responsibility for the creation and management of over 70 captives.Nick has sat on the boards of over thirty captive insurance companies covering a diverse range of businesses.

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