Missouri Department of Insurance

Missouri Department of Insurance

Missouri Department of Insurance regulates the business of insurance for the state. The Captive Program administers the Missouri captive insurance statute and regulations and monitors the captive insurance companies domiciled in the state. Missouri’s captive statute allows for the formation of captive insurance company types and structures that suit most business needs, including pure, association, branch, cell and SPLRC captives.

Missouri Department of Insurance
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301 W High Street, Suite 530
Jefferson City, MO. 65101


As a captive domicile, Missouri is centrally located. If the potential captive owner is not located in or around Missouri, there are daily non-stop flights between our two major metropolitan areas and most cities across the country. In most cases, there’s no need for connecting flights and all-day travel for a simple meeting with our staff or with your captive company management. Obviously, Missouri business owners can keep your captive close to home to minimize or eliminate travel expenses and maximize control and management of the captive. We border eight states, which makes same-day travel possible from the north, south, east or west on our system of interstate and US highways. Licensing and application fees are always deductible. We are responsive and keep costs down by only using in house analysts and examiners who know our captives and have no incentive to drive up their consulting fees. The Missouri Department of Insurance is dedicated to the captive insurance industry in our state and the economic benefits it brings.

Countries of Operation:

We have captive insurance companies that have parent companies domiciled in the US and Cayman Islands.



John M. Talley, JD
Captive Program Manager
28 years of experience as an insurance regulator and helped establish the New Jersey captive program.



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