South Carolina Department of Insurance

The largest captive domicile in the Southern US with a full-time staff of experienced regulators looking forward to assisting you with your captive solutions.

South Carolina Department of Insurance
Capital Center
1201 Main Street, Ste. 1000
Columbia, SC 29201


The Department of Insurance in South Carolina has a dedicated captive regulatory staff in its Alternative Risk Transfer division (ARTS) ready to serve the captive owner and provide assistance to maximize the benefit of owning a captive. The staff of 11 is stable, well trained, and professional.

The domicile has all of the service providers a captive owner needs along with seven of the ten largest captive managers in the world have offices here. This provides the captive owner with flexibility and choices of managers and providers to suit their particular taste.

We provide our clients with an efficient and cost effective regulatory environment along with the natural beauty and availability of the state of South Carolina. Anywhere in South Carolina is within two hours of a major commercial airport as are beaches and mountains. Our moderate climate encourages visitors to enjoy outdoor activities from the beaches to golf to hunting and fishing.

Charleston, SC was the number one tourist destination in the world in 2012. It is home to some of the finest cuisine on the planet as well as being steeped in history.

Come to South Carolina to establish your captive and experience the Southern charm and hospitality. 

scguy.jpgJeffrey K. Kehler
Program Manager, ARTS




Leslie M. Jones
Deputy Director


Ron Krebs
Licensing Coordinator
South Carolina Department of Insurance

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