The Westwood Company

The Westwood Company

The Westwood Company is a full service captive referral firm that focuses on aligning potential and existing captive participants with captive manager, CPA’s, actuaries, etc. that best fit the client.

The Westwood Company
The Westwood Company
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The Westwood Company is a full service captive referral and due diligence firm that focuses on aligning the goals and objectives with an existing or potential captive owner with the correct captive manager, CPA, actuary, lawyer, etc. that fits the individual needs and strategies of the captive owner.
The founder of Westwood has vast experience in managing and developing captives both domestically and internationally. After spending almost a decade with a small private captive management firm, he collected his knowledge and resources to aid existing captive managers in captive management, international to domestic captive transfer, and aligning captive resources between third party organizations and captive owners.
Today, Westwood acts solely as a resource for prospective captive clients helping determine the optimal captive manager, domicile, and any third party participants that meet the needs of the captive.
Westwood receives no compensation from the captive client and is only awarded a referral fee from the captive managers selected in the process. This means there is no cost to begin, review, and analyse the right partners for the captive client.
Creating a captive is one of the best strategies for managing risk and utilizing the benefits of an insurance company to support the long term strategy for a business. However, with many domiciles (international and domestic) the choices of where to go, who to manage, and they type of captive can be confusing and intimidating. This where Westwood can help.
Your objectives in the captive insurance company are unique to your needs, which is why, not every captive manager, nor, every domicile is correct, but must be reviewed and analysed to support the short term and long term objectives in creating a captive insurance company.
With the vast amount of captive resources and information available it is impossible to properly evaluate who and what is correct for the owner in a timely basis. Westwood analyses the needs of the client, the risk to be insured, the short term and long term objectives, the right domicile location and then offers suggestions on who will be the best partners moving forward.
In addition, the creation of the captive can be time consuming and extremely tedious. Westwood has found the best route for long term success is to walk alongside the captive and owner and captive manager to ensure the process is explained and executed in a timely manner. In other words, Westwood does not just offer a list of suggested managers, but walks you through the process until complete and the captive is up and running. Again, no cost to the captive manger.
Additional services, including, but not limited to, internal management for the captive owners are also available for select clients.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Captive Management Referral globally, specializing in small 831b captives

Kurt Schwahn
President and Founder of The Westwood Consulting Company

Mr. Schwahn is a seasoned executive entrepreneur whose business ventures have taken him worldwide in a variety of capacities, markets, and industries. Mr. Schwahn founded the Westwood company after a successful decade of success with a premier captive manager. At the request of his clientele, Westwood was established and approved captive manager both domestically and internationally. Most recently, seeing the need to identify the correct partnership structure for potential captive clients, Westwood now focuses fully on supporting new clients to the captive strategy. Mr. Schwahn has a vast knowledge of the captive market, insurance, risk analysis, and business strategy for the small to mid-size market.

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