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Business is confronted by risk every day. Forming a Captive Insurance Company has become a mainstream tool for mitigating traditional risks or non-traditional risks resulting in increased control and cost reductions. Tennessee’s state of the art Captive legislation, a unique centrally located geographic location and an Insurance Department dedicated to serving the needs of all types of Captives makes for a winning combination worthy of consideration.



Established by legislation in 2013, Texas considers pure captives from a growing diversified market and offers a .5% premium tax rate. A very favorable state economic climate coupled with a regulatory process designed to engage, assess, and approve legitimate captive insurer programs makes Texas the destination for businesses throughout the world.

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas


The Bahamas, through a robust legislative framework and financial services expertise, continues to provide a market for international SME’s to establish captives as a part of their risk management framework and risk financing programs. Forming a captive in The Bahamas also provides a financially safe and sound platform for those entities desiring to take advantage of the synergies within our financial services sector.

Thomas Miller Captive Management

Captive Manager, TMCM is a leading independent provider of all aspects of captive insurance management. Its access to a world wide knowledge pool and 135 year insurance management heritage through the Thomas Miller Group give it an advantage that few other companies in this sector can offer.

United States Virgin Islands


The USVI is a prime market for tourism and economic development. Current and potential captive insurance owners who want to re-domicile to the USVI can benefit from establishing a captive in a region with a very attractive tax structure.



Utah is known for being a business friendly state and our Captive Division fits the well. It is known for being fair and responsive to the needs of the captives domiciled here. Along with being reasonably priced with only a nominal annual fee and no premium taxes, Utah is easy to get to with a Delta hub and a great place to visit with much to see and do.



Vermont maintains a regulatory system that attracts quality business, promotes Vermont’s reputation in the industry, and safeguards the solvency of captive insurers while recognizing the special purpose for which they are created.

West Virginia


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