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Missouri is the premier captive domicile in Mid-America with more direct flights in and out of the state than most major captive domiciles. With an experienced staff, low examination cost, and flexible laws allowing individualized company regulation, the Captive Program of the Missouri Department of Insurance has the ability to provide the level of regulation needed for nearly any situation.



Montana is well-positioned for a bright future in the captive arena, with a growing infrastructure of industry service providers, a dedicated regulatory team at the Commissioner’s office, and elected lawmakers who have shown a history of ensuring that Montana’s laws evolve with the industry.



Currently, Nevada has over 200 active captive insurers. As one of the country’s oldest captive domiciles, Nevada enjoys a strong working relationship with service providers from around the world. In recent years, Nevada has seen rapid growth in captive utilization by many important new segments of our state and national economy, e.g. bio-tech, alternative energy, multi-national transportation and manufacturing as well as significant growth in captives for financial institutions. Nevada continues to lead the nation in formations of risk retention groups. Nevada also offers some of the very best regulatory options for captive formations including series LLC’s and segregated cell captive plans. When added to Nevada’s expedited approval process and nation-leading program support, Nevada continues growing its captive programs to support healthy risk alternative programs.



Nevis is a well-adjusted and regulated domicile highlighted by proper licensing criteria, efficient processing and responsive staff all based on a unique legislation that adheres to the international standards of insurance supervision. This jurisdiction allows for each company to be regulated accordingly through a risk based supervision model.

Nevis Financial Services Regulation and Supervision Department


The Insurance Division, a subsection within the Nevis Financial Services Regulation and Supervision Department was created due to the rapidly growing international insurance companies being licenced from within Nevis under the Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2004 (NIIO). The Insurance Division is centered on the Registrar of International Insurance whom the NIIO provides to be appointed for the administration of the Ordinance.

New Jersey


New Jersey’s Captive Law provides significant new opportunities for businesses to better manage their own risk by insuring themselves instead of seeking insurance in the commercial market. New Jersey is open to the formation of new captives as well as the redomestication of existing captives. We promise a robust, efficient admissions process that is transparent and flexible.

North Carolina


North Carolina has quickly established a successful and popular domicile for captive insurers. With its innovative captive insurance company legislation, experienced and dedicated professional staff, and low cost of insurer formation and operation, North Carolina has demonstrated its sensible and pro-business approach to regulation and commitment to exemplary customer service.



In 2013, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak worked with the Oklahoma Legislature to complete a major revision of the state’s captive insurance law. The Oklahoma Insurance Department Captive Insurance Division works hard to ensure that Oklahoma is the domicile of choice through modernized laws and regulations, business-friendly requirements and forms, and fast, responsive staff.



The Division of Financial Regulation, headquartered in the state capital of Salem, implements the state’s captive insurance law and promotes Oregon as a domicile for captive insurance companies. We believe that a properly organized captive insurance company allows businesses to take greater control of their own insurance risks. Oregon’s law allowing captive insurers passed in 2012, and the division began accepting captive insurer applications in fall 2012.

P.R.P Performa Ltd. and Performa Limited (US), LLC

Fund management

PERFORMA provides INVESTMENT MANGEMENT and related services to the Captive Industry utilizing a combination of internally managed fixed income strategies and best of breed managers in other asset classes. PRP Performa Ltd. is one of the largest non-bank financial services institutions in Bermuda and is focused on portfolio management for Offshore Captive Insurance and Re-Insurance companies. - The firm is licensed to conduct investment business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA). - Performa Limited (US) allows U.S. domiciled Captive Insurers access to the philosophy and experience of our established offshore platform. The firm is a registered investment advisor pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Section 203 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

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