21 July 2022Reinsurance

Fino to deploy PBS technology platform

Fino Services, headquartered in Katy, Texas, will deploy Input 1's Premium Billing System (PBS), as the technology platform for its captive premium finance division, Infi Union.

Fino Services has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years and said that it had seen the benefit of providing a captive premium finance offering to their policyholders that was mature, stable, and user-friendly.

“Our insurance business continues to carve out a solid niche. We knew we had to partner with a technology provider that delivered the tools and know-how to propel our captive premium finance division to success,” said Oscar Rodriguez, CEO of Fino Services. “With PBS in place, we can focus on growing our business with the confidence to know our technology will be there to support us."

“We take pride in delivering a comprehensive cloud-based premium finance management solution that gives premium finance companies everything they need to run a successful business," said Chris Farfaras, executive vice president and CSMO of Input 1.