12 May 2022Reinsurance

Johns appointed new head of office at WTW Guernsey

Former chairman of the Guernsey International Insurance Association Mike Johns has been appointed head of office at Willis Towers Watson Management (Guernsey).

Johns was previously a director at Willis Towers Watson (Management) Guernsey from 2016 onwards, having previously been a director at Willis Management (Guernsey).

Prior to that Johns was chief underwriting officer at Alternative Risk Management, Guernsey from 2008 to 2012. He was vice president of Marsh Management Services Guernsey from  1996 to 2007.

Johns said: “A real honour to take over as Head of Office at Willis Towers Watson Management (Guernsey). Some really exciting challenges ahead which I’m really looking forward to facing with a great, professional and very talented team of colleagues.”